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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Stefhen fd Bryan is the author of the critically acclaimed, ‘Black Passenger Yellow Cabs: A Memoir of Exile and Excess in Japan,’ the novel, ‘Only Begotten,’ which is currently being adapted to film and most recently the solo play, ‘Doodu Boy,’ in which he’s is also the performer. Bryan’s tumultuous childhood in a Kingston, Jamaica ghetto laid the foundation for his life of sexual abandon. He grew up on a church commune as the only male child and one of two males among 50 women, a circumstance that indelibly influenced his future relationships with women. At age 15, Bryan emigrated to the United States, where he immediately dropped out of high school. He later moved to the United Kingdom before returning to the United States to attend the College of San Mateo and eventually earn a bachelor of art degree in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles. In 2001, prompted solely by an extreme sexual addiction to women of East Asian descent, Bryan moved to Japan. He supported himself as an English instructor, first at a language school in the countryside, then later at several elementary, junior high, high schools, university, hospital and Japanese multi-national corporations and also as a wedding singer. Bryan admits that his primary focus in Japan was his obsession, compelling him to indulge in sexual relations with multiple women. Through a combination of education, a decade and a half of cognitive behavioral therapy, self-reflection and evolution, Stefhen Bryan overcame his addiction, which plagued him for 4 decades. He currently lives in Kobe with his Kobe-native wife and their daughter.

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