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One Man's Search For Love From Cesspool To Sushiland

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Doodu Boy At the College of Marin

Doodu Boy At the College of Marin

Hilarious and heartbreaking, one-man play Doodu Boy is the true, personal story of Stefhen Bryan as he struggles to find love in the face of his abusive mother and absent father. From a harrowing childhood in the Jamaican ghetto on a church commune where he falls into the communal cesspool and earns his nickname, to an escape to America where he has long dreamt of roadtrips with his dad, life never seems to fulfill Stefhen's hopes. After multiple attempts on his own life, learning the shocking truth of his origins, and a show-down with an NYPD armada, Stefhen ultimately leaves the West to begin a rebirth in Japan. There, in the midst of a sexual rampage, he meets a girl who promises the beginnings of deep connection that he always needed.


This is a solo play written and performed by 
Stefhen Bryan

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